Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do not be afraid


As I have written before I have three amazing daughters. Each one could not be more different than the next. I have talked most recently about Anabelle, the baby of the family, but today I want to focus on Gabi, the middle child. She is without a doubt a very lovable and unique individual with too many amazing qualities to mention. (I know, I sound like a gushing mother so sue me) She is now 13 and becoming a young woman with loads of potential, but what is most amazing about this child is her fearless attitude. She lives her life unafraid of danger and unafraid of what someone might think of her. Because of Gabi’s outlook on life we have had to deal more harshly with things like consequences of careless actions and she has spent her fair share of time in the “think about it” chair but underneath all the seemingly careless acts is, I believe, pure motives. She asks herself “what’s the worst that could happen?” then she acts on the impulse. On the surface this sounds like a very ungodly approach to life, but I have to disagree.
It is my belief that this is how we as Christians should be living out our walk with the Lord.
“What’s the worst that could happen if I share my faith with my neighbor”,
“what’s the worst that could happen if I jam out to worship music at the beach”,
“what is the worst that could happen if I went on the mission trip with the church group”
“what’s the worst that could happen if I lay my life down for my savior”

I have the answer, the worst that could happen is that someone might never come to know Jesus as Lord. That is the worst. Wow, seems so simple right? I know it's not though. Fear has kept me from sharing my faith and fear has kept me silent when my faith was being made fun of. And fear has kept me from being the kind of Christian who proclaims the name of God from the rooftops. That emotion (fear) is ridiculous if you call Jesus Lord.

The best lessons I’m taught come from children. Gabi has no fear in life, and she will have no fear in death. That is a promise that God has given to all of his children. My prayer is that everyone would have that security and hope and live their life a little more like Gabi.


Anonymous said...

I agree totally Michelle. We need to love and serve our God with abandon, without fear of man or of consequences. What have we to fear? We belong to an Omnipotent God! He loves us as His own children and has promised to guide and protect us. Let us begin today to worship and serve God with our entire being. We owe Him nothing less!!! - Jack Bebbington

Bill said...

"The best lessons I’m taught come from children"...oh how true you are, Michelle. Children can be the best teachers if we just listen and watch and of course learn!