Tuesday, August 17, 2010


OK, I'm going to be completely honest here. I love a good prank. I'm sorry, but for whatever reason a good, well planned prank can give me hours of enjoyment. Call it a twisted sense of humor if you want but I can't help it, the heart wants what the heart wants.

We used to have a great show on tv called candid camera (yep, I'm that old) This was one of my favorite shows. I think what made me laugh the most was not necessarily the prank itself but rather the reaction of the "mark". If they responded with laughter right away, then the prank was ruined, but if they got angry, then confused, then turned it over to a great big belly laugh of embarrassment...........I was completely amused. You see it was the chain reaction of emotions that made the whole experience worth while.

Working with children can recreate this source of joy for me. Only in this scenario I'm the target and the kids are Peter Funt. You see, on any given Sunday I go through similar moments of feeling like any minute someone will point out the hidden camera to me and say "SMILE". It is all worth it, in the skeem of things, because at the end of the day I let out that great big belly laugh, not of embarrassment but of complete and utter joy realizing I have the greatest job in the world and wouldn't trade one moment of this experience for anything.

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Bill said...

You do have one of the best possible jobs in the world...I know how that feels and it is great. Sounds to me like God has uniquely put you just where He wants!