Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sometimes I'm wrong

Sometimes I will hold to a belief even if it seems completely ridiculous. I don't usually share my thoughts with others, because of moments like this one. A few days ago I engaged in a debate about Penguins and their ability to fly. I took the affirmative. I insisted that they could, and persisted a while before a moment of clarity overcame me and I was completely embarrassed. Blame it on a blond moment or whatever you will but the fact of the matter was I persisted because I BELIEVED I was correct.

This situation reminded me of a dark time in my life when (before I realized the truth) I persisted in my own way of thinking because I BELIEVED I was right. For many years in my life I "believed" I was going to Hell. Yep you caught that right, Fire and brimstone, the whole nine yards. This wasn't just a passing thought, I really believed it. I was sure that I had went to far, that I had made to many poor choices and that If God was a just God, a Holy God, a Perfect God, He would want nothing to do with me. I believed that a person had to earn their way to Heaven and I was a few bucks short. This made sense to me so I believed it and I lived like it. I figured if I am destined for an eternity in flames (like I had heard so many preachers say) than what was the point of life? If I continue to live, than I am just prolonging the inevitable. The only problem with this scenario is that I WAS WRONG!! Thankfully, I had a friend who shared something with me that I had never understood before. GRACE This meant that even though I deserved every bit of what I thought I had coming to me, God had a different plan in mind for me and for you. You see, I did deserve Hell, and still do. But Grace is a funny thing, a concept that was hard to believe, but absolutely TRUE. (Why is always easier to believe a lie?) God wanted to make a way for me, so He sent someone who was Holy and who was Perfect and who didn't deserve Hell to take my punishment. Why??? Because He loves me. And He used Laffy Taffy (the candy) to teach me this. I'll get to that at a later time.

Bottom line:
Penguins can't fly
God loves me, a sinner


Dan Samms said...

This is a great post! Penguins are great!

Bill said...

Truth be known, Michelle, there are many out there who think like you did and have no understanding of grace. Some even sit in our churches. Chuck Swindoll writes in his book, GRACE AWAKENING that God's grace so liberating..."giving us freedom to be forgiven, freedom to forgive, freedom to be yourself, and the freedom to serve others and give enthusiastically."