Monday, May 3, 2010

What is a laffy taffy moment

So this is my first official blog and I have no choice but to explain my title. Laffy Taffy? Yep. Of all the topics in the world why would I start there? Well, this particular candy and me have a connection. You see to me it's more than a candy it serves as a reminder of the moment when my life was transformed forever. I will over the course of time explain myself further, but for now I will simply say that a "Laffy Taffy" moment is when you realize that you are not an accident and that there is a God who loves you to much to leave you where you are.

My name is Michelle and I happen to work for the creator of the universe. Although I consider myself His servant, I am one..... by choice. (He wouldn't have it any other way) I am a director of children's ministry at a fantastic church. Kids are important to me, because they are important to my master. I believe there are three fundamental things that kids need

1. To know that they have a Perfect Father in Heaven who loves them unconditionally

2. To know that they are here on earth for a purpose and not just to suck up oxygen

3. To have parents, grandparents, and/or legal guardians that love Jesus all week long not just on Sunday.

Other things are great too, like but somewhere way down on list.

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Meredith said...

And you do a great job teaching children (and adults) those 3 fundamental needs.